Thursday, May 27, 2010

Before CCSVI Liberation Procedure Chart

( Later I will add "After" )

1.Before: Right Foot almost completely numb and thick feeling. Occasionally left foot feels numb.

2. Before: right leg stiff, weak & limited in movement

3. Before: Because of Right Foot drop and weak leg and lack of coordination walking is very difficult. Cane and foot brace mandatory for any distance outside of the house. Uneven surfaces a maneuvering nightmare.

4. Before: Can not look up or around while moving dizziness & room spins. Need to hold on to something to look at the sky. Easily thrown off balance. Must turn or look slowly.

5. Before: Extreme mind numbing fatigue periodically throughout the day. Recooperate for 20 minutes after 10 minutes of activity.

6. Before: Heat busts my butt. Can’t do anything but sit or lay down.

7. Before: Constant ringing in ears.

8. Before: Cold feet. In winter almost painful especially the right foot.

9. Before: Occasional roaring in ears. Like when you yawn, but I’m not yawning.

10. Before: No lift to right leg which makes climbing stairs an awesome task to contemplate. Like knee, Hip fexors don’t lift either.

11. Before: 2 toes on Right foot turn blue… same toes that have no lift.

12. Before: Totally spastic walking first thing in the morning.

13. Before: Occasional Brain fog. Can’t think quickly or verbalize quickly often get tongue tied.


  1. Hope you get liberated

    Your symptoms are the same as my own. I am having doppler testing done on the 8th June and then liberation.

    Where are you getting liberated.


  2. Thanks, Me too. I realize there are no guarantees that I'd have any improvement. Not getting worse would be adequate.

  3. oooooooops! In Albany New York.

  4. I can't wait to see the AFTER posts. I am sending this information to someone who has MS. She is doing pretty well right now, but gets very tired and has to rest a lot.

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